We  act as a focal point for the Base Of the Pyramid (BoP), the private sector , development partners, donor actors & social investors who are active in inclusive development by connecting & orchestrating their perspectives, knowledge and resources in order to catalyze inclusive innovations and private sector development. Read more

Recent Works

The Kajjansi Urban Development Project

The Kajjansi Junction programme is a multi-annual initiative that aims to develop a fast growing urban area in Uganda in such a way, that it creates value for the local businesses and communities while reducing the environmental footprint with the aim of demonstrating how African cities can adopt a more inclusive and circular development model. [Read more...]

SEED Initiative : Promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable development

SEED Initiative, hosted by Adelphi Research gemeinnützige GmbH, runs an annual global awards scheme, the SEED Awards, in which the most promising start-up social and environmental enterprises are selected by the independent expert International Jury.Read more

Switch Africa Green: Supporting Uganda to achieve sustainable tourism development.

The overall objective of the Switch Africa project is to support Uganda to achieve sustainable tourism development by engaging in the transition towards an inclusive green industry based on sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns. Read more

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