B-Space and Bop Inc Netherlands sign a Memorandum of  Understanding.

 B-Space Ltd’s Managing Director Peter Masaaba and  Bop Inc’s Executive Director  Mr. Henk J.W van Dujin signing the MOU. Photos courtesy of Bspace Ltd.

 B-Space has hit another milestone in the Inclusive Business Arena by signing an MOU with the Bop Innovation Center Netherlands to become its local hub in Uganda.The MOU which came into effect on 8th September 2015 formalized the working relationship between the two organizations.

Being  the premier and only Ugandan non-for profit social enterprise with the  primary objective to accelerate Inclusive Business in Uganda, B-Space was the obvious choice for this partnership with the Bop Innovation Center.  Bop Inc on the other hand provides services and tools to develop, learn about and accelerate inclusive businesses in BoP markets. Together with its strategic partners it has created the BoPInc Alliance. These strategic partners represent a worldwide network in a broad variety of industries and organization types, including private sector platform organizations, investors, governments, NGOs and knowledge institutes.

With the signing of the MOU, B-Space becomes the direct local implementing partner for BoPInc in Uganda and the preferred supplier of BoPInc in the region. In addition B-Space will also act as the local connection into the Inclusive Business Accelerator network and infrastructure. The Objective of the IBA is to connect inclusive businesses, investors and mentors through an online platform, via local offices in developing countries and through a global network that provides IB advisory services.

The Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) network targets a wide variety of actors in the Inclusive Business (IB) playing field through local focal points or IB one-stop-shops. These local “hubs” provide the IB services via a network of Business Development Service (BDS) providers to clients which include the following:

• Local Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
• Larger Corporates incl. Multinationals
• Public actors (local government, bilateral donors) and private not-for-profit organizations (e.g. NGOs)
• Finance institutions incl. Development Finance Institutions (DFIs), commercial banks, social impact investors and/or equity funds.

The goal  is for B-Space to eventually become the one-stop-shop for the private sector to innovate, grow, replicate, leverage and improve their Inclusive Business Strategy following a mutually beneficial IBA infrastructure and services while representing IBA in Uganda and surrounding countries like South Sudan, Rwanda when applicable.The IBA is already operational in Mozambique and Vietnam.

In September 2015 B-Space and the IBA team co-hosted a networking event in Kampala which attracted local SMEs, incubators, accelerators and media.To view the photos from the networking event, scroll through the photo gallery below:
Bspace and IBA networking hold event at the Lawns, Kampala.