BSpace becomes a member of  ANDE

imagesBSpace has joined The Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), a global network of 140+ organizations that propel entrepreneurship in emerging markets that includes impact investors, venture capitalists, multi-national corporates, and many others that work to propel entrepreneurship in the developing world. ANDE members provide critical financial, educational, and business support services to small and growing businesses (SGBs) based on the conviction that SGBs will create jobs, stimulate long term economic growth, and produce environmental and social benefits.

ANDE members share a common goal to dramatically increase the amount and effectiveness of capital and capital development services provided to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Ultimately, we believe that SGBs can help lift countries out of poverty.

ANDE identifies common strategic challenges and opportunities facing small business entrepreneurs and based on these findings, develops programs and services for its members and the sector as a whole. ANDE is the leading convener and conduit for organisations committee to supporting SGBs in the developing world. ANDE acts as a trusted advocate for the SGB sector, educating investors and policy makers about the extraordinary prosperity creation opportunity this sector presents.

BSpace will work with ANDE’s East Africa hub and ANDE global to network and support Ugandan enterprises to accelerate Inclusive businesses in the Uganda. As a result of being a member of ANDE, BSpace will have access to:

  • Unparalled opportunities for networking, peer-learning and collaboration.
  • The ANDE Capacity Development Fund and other funding initiatives
  • Opportunities to raise BSpace’s profile among local, regional and global audiences
  • Regional chapters and networking groups
  • Privileged knowledge through access to ANDE ‘s staff, board and membership

By joining ANDE, BSpace hopes to harness the vast knowledge, resources and partnership opportunities to source more projects and promote the Inclusive Business agenda in Uganda and the region. ANDE is part of the Aspen Institute, an educational policy studies organisation based in Washington DC.