A call for nominations and applications from Ugandan Social businesses for a business story telling training.

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What is storytelling?
Storytelling is an innovative methodology for organizational development, for identifying and overcoming communication gaps, for explaining the value proposition of one’s business or for a mutual understanding of the different partners of the ecosystem of social enterprises. The art of storytelling is an innovative method for changing communications and understandings of what we see, listen or know to be true.
People ask for data but believe in stories. Stories are things that people know, love, and remember, but they don’t delve into the facts and figures of a business that we are used to seeing. We consider that a good thing:narratives can be a real asset for every social enterprise. And we are convinced that social entrepreneurs can use storytelling to reach out to his or her network of investors, customers, and other stakeholders and to get new insights in his or her corporate development.

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What is your core story, your passionate fact?
The first part of the workshop gives a lively and exciting insight in the art of storytelling. You will learn how business can be told as a fascinating adventure journey. It resembles a hero’s journey beginning with the departure into the unknown, with ups and downs, until they find the right path for their business. That is like finding or conquest of a treasure. The crucial point is that after the end of your journey you never will be like were before, something has definitely changed.Pic 3
A short introduction into the world of how and why storytelling works well for social enterprises which is given by our experts.Then train individually and as well in a group how to develop
your own core story and to improve your skills as a storyteller.

Join our storytelling workshop and work with Michael Müller,professor applied narratology at the Media University, Stuttgart,Germany, for Barbara Börner from endeva and Jona Liebl fromadelphi and Peter Masaaba from B-Space to work on your individual core story and passionate fact of your business.

Application and Prizing
Global selling price for this training is 650 € / 2 450 000 UGX per participant. Siemens Stiftung can offer this training for up to 20 selected participants for free*. In order to complete an application, please send us an email to siemens-stiftung@seed.uno. In case of questions, please feel free to contact us by email.Submissions will be accepted until 31 March 2017. Successful applicants will be notified by 7 April 2017.

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Practical Information
There is no participation fees for this workshop (for 20 participants). Transportation and accommodation is not included and must be arranged individually. Venue and catering costs are covered. Upon confirmation,please provide any dietary requirements.Travel and accommodation costs not included