Are you an Ugandan entrepreneur, running an existing for profit business and having an investment need? You might qualify for incubation support of investment from Oxfam Novib Impact Investment Fund

unloading-matoke2A call for proposals

Oxfam works with local partners to provide investment capital, business development and impact measurement services for small and medium size enterprises in Nigeria, Uganda and Vietnam. In Uganda, Oxfam has engaged the services of B-Space to incubate social and sustainable businesses.

Incubation has just started and we are scouting for incubatees!

To qualify for selection, incubatees should be:

1. Locally owned
2. Profitable
3. At least two years in existence
4. Worth a minimum investment of € 100,000
5. Structured to have a social impact.

The selection of incubatees will be an ongoing process; they will not be selected all at the same time. By June 2015, 10 incubatees should be ready to apply for financing, either from ONII or other funds. ONII welcomes co-investing with other funds.



1. Integrated solution -> more than money (financing plus capacity building)
2. Local presence -> local knowledge -> local monitoring
3. Flexible financing approach (grace period, tenor, rescheduling, less collateral)
4. Willingness to accept higher risks than commercial institutions
5. Willingness to accept higher handling costs than commercial institutions
6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) proof
7. No sector approach but focus on youth, women and small farmers

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