What is an Inclusive Business

An Inclusive business is a business that includes low-income consumers, retailers, suppliers, or distributors in its core operations. The model below from one of our founders (SNV) best illustrates the Inclusive Business concept.

IB Concept

How we accelerate Inclusive Business

There is no blue print to how this is achieved, but  we strive to be your one-stop-shop for Inclusive Business Initiatives in Uganda.

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What we do

Our Vision and Mission are delivered through an Intervention business and social model summarised in the illustration below. The interventions are delivered through four pillars:

  • Inclusive Business Awareness & Engagement
  • Inclusive Business Advisory Services
  • Testing & Incubation of Inclusive Innovations
  • Inclusive Business Knowledge Management

BSpace's pillars


Our Intervention model is a hybrid of both mission driven and business driven activities and projects that create a sustainable operating model.

Inclusive Business Development Support Services

B-Space believes Inclusive Business is a sustainable model for socio economic development, and an effective tool for poverty tool alleviation. Our aspirations? Steer Inclusive Business towards Business as Usual
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