Project Description

SEED Initiative and B-Space jointly  promote entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

10 years of SEED. Photo courtesy of SEED

Ten years of SEED. Photo courtesy of SEED

SEED Initiative, hosted by Adelphi Research gemeinnützige GmbH, runs an annual global awards scheme, the SEED Awards, in which the most promising start-up social and environmental enterprises are selected by the independent expert International Jury.Over a 6 month period,Winners are provided with a tailored support package (SEED Catalyser), including businessplan development, partnership management, triplebottom line planning and monitoring.

The SEED Initiative was founded by
UNEP, UNDP and IUCN at the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, SEED supports innovative small-scale and locally driven entrepreneurships around the globe which integrate social and environmental benefits into their business model.
The goal of SEED is to support the ability of such entrepreneurs to scale up or replicate their activities. This furthers their contribution to their local economies and communities while promoting sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems and reducing poverty, marginalization and exclusion.
The advanced support (SEED Accelerator) has the following objectives:
Support each enterprise in financial planning, to enable long-term sustainability of its operations and steady growth, without a strong dependence on continued external assistance.
• Strengthen the financial monitoring in the each operations of each enterprise.
• Enable each enterprise to access additional forms of financing e.g. loans, equity, access to impact investments.
In order to fulfil its objectives the SEED Accelerator is based on two pillars:
1. One-to-one advice regarding options for scaling up the enterprise, particularly regarding access to finance, building financial literacy, putting in place and refining sound accounting and financial management systems etc. through remote and face-to- face support (this tender),
2. a financial contribution of USD 40,000 (directly disbursed by SEED) to be used specifically to establish the enterprise more securely and provide a base for further expansion.

Nuru Energy SEED Low Carbon Award Winner  Uganda 2013

“Nuru Energy” has created an innovative and simple-to-use off-grid recharging platform, the POWERCycle pedal generator, and the corresponding Nuru LED lights. To bring their products to local communities the enterprise trains village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs) to sell Nuru lights in their communities and offer recharging for a small fee. The enterprise is active in East Africa and India.

For further information on Nuru Energy, visit Nuru Energy’s website on this link  Nuru Energy website

Green Heat , Uganda SEED Low Carbon Award Winner 2014

Green Heat offers Renewable Energy services and products aimed at economic, social and environmental benefits to our clients. Green Heat provides a commercially viable alternative fuel, biogas and briquette, while delivering onsite waste management services to the poor. Green Heat leverage waste as a resource, transforming a development hurdle into an investment opportunity.
Green Heat provides a full design, build and maintenance solution for small scale anaerobic digesters. Green Heat offers simple, robust and digesters that process a variety of feed stocks and work with you to develop an anaerobic digester that meets your budget and support requirements.Green Heat has continued to commercialize innovations in the biogas and briquette value chain through engagement with BCEs, farmers and women led sales’ partners. In 2015/2016, Green Heat briquette aims to have 1921 tons of briquettes sold by 50 women led sales’ partners over 40 sales points.

Under the SEED Initiative,  B-Space was contracted to  advise and work with  both NURU Energy and Green Heat Energy to further  and  scale up their activities .
For more information on the SEED Initiative, visit the SEED Initiative website  here