The Kajjansi Urban Development Project

The Kajjansi Junction programme is a multi-annual initiative that aims to develop a fast growing urban area in Uganda in such a way, that it creates value for the local businesses and communities while reducing the environmental footprint with the aim of demonstrating how African cities can adopt a more inclusive and circular development model. [Read more...]

Incubation, Investment, Impact

B-Space provides tailor-made business development support services to SME’s in Uganda and thereby develops a pipeline of investment ready SME’s for the Oxfam Novib Impact Investment Fund and other social impact investors. Read more

Finding room for cotton seed oil

Cotton seed oil is a by product of cotton production, but this oil is currently not consumed in Uganda. Is there a market for cotton seed oil as a finished consumer product, to serve the low income households in Uganda? Read more

Crickets – the new superfood in Uganda?

Uganda, the 2SCALE consortium is establishing a value chain for cricket as a food product. But, how do you market the nutritional benefits of crickets to a people who do not even eat crickets?! Read more

Menstrual Hygiene Management – SNV

B-Space has been asked to advise SNV Uganda on the strategic choices they could make to accelerate private sector investment when addressing menstrual hygiene management issues in Uganda. Read more