Under the Switch Africa Green project, SNV and B-space it’s implementing partner  organized two co-creation sessions which brought together relevant tourism stakeholders  to discuss  the typical challenges in their industry most notably in the areas of ecological and sustainable solutions. The sessions also served as an avenue for the participants to assess the proposed solutions by Thies Timmermans a consultant from Partners For Innovation which is an associate partner of the Switch Africa Green Project. The first co-creation session was held in Pakwach in March at Parkview Safari lodge while the second session took place in Kampala in April.

The  Switch Africa project aims to pilot green solutions at four identified lodges in the Albertine Nile Region. A baseline research and a producer’s assessment was carried out in order to assess  locally available solutions in terms of  technology or  services with the potential to  reduce the environmental impact while simultaneously  presenting  an attractive business case  to the  lodges and communities of the Albertine Nile region. These resulted into seven interesting proposals. These were presented to the managers and staff from the selected lodges of Pakuba Safari Lodge, Heritage Safari Lodge, Fort Murchison Safari Lodge, Kabalega Safari Lodge and Parkview Safari Lodge in the Albertine Nile region as part of the co-creation session. Discussions were then held to rate and give feedback on the proposed eco solutions for the lodges, below is the   summary of the results from this session:

Participants rating of the green solutions -Pakwach

Participants rating of the green solutions.


In addition, a second co-creation session was held on April 14th  2016 at the BSpace offices in Bugolobi.The organizations that participated in this session included: Uganda Carbon Bureau, Green Heat Energy, Solarnow, Hairy Lemon, Matoke Tours, Wild Places Africa, CREEC, Living Earth, Nabugabo Updeal, Solarwave, Sprouts of water, BSpace and Partners For Innovation.

Participants of the co-creation session held in Kampala in April

Participants of the  Kampala co-creation session held  in April