On 11th December 2015, SNV Uganda with BSpace its implementing partner in collaboration with Petroleum Institute for Proactive Action (PIPA) held the first Stakeholder Engagement forum at the Parkside Safari Lodge in Pakwach.

The objective of the forum was to engage with the project stakeholders to co-create a common working platform that will ensure that the objectives of the project are fully realized for the benefit of the communities in the Albertine Nile Region. The forum participants included: project beneficiaries, Local District Government officials’ District Environment Officers, District Tourism Officers, District Commercial Officers, Secretaries of Production, Agriculture Officers, Local Partner organizations and potential local banking/financier partners.

Switch Africa Green Uganda's National Coordinator speakng at the opening of the Forum.

Switch Africa Green Uganda’s National Coordinator, Ms Teddy Twine Nsubuga speaks at the opening of the Forum.

At the opening of forum, Switch Africa Green Uganda’s National Coordinator Ms Teddy Twine explained the roles of the different partners involved in implementation of the project. She also urged the community to show commitment to the project to ensure continuity and the sustainability of the outcomes of the project when it comes to an end. The Switch Africa Green project aims to promote Green & Inclusive Business

Practices in the Tourism industry in the Albertine Nile Region by empowering the local farming communities to supply food to the safari lodges in the region. The project also aims to support the selected lodges to incorporate green solutions in their operations.

The recommendations and proposals from the Forum participants included:
• Two more lodges to be added to the selected four
• Clear communication channels with different stakeholders be established
• Stakeholders’ opinions to be taken into consideration by the implementing
• Continuous monitoring of the programme throughout the project period.
• Capacity of the communities should be built by the implementers of the project
• Women should be encouraged to participate in the project
• More trials (adaptive research trials) should be carried out on different commodities to find out their suitability to the local conditions.
• Exchange visits for farmers.

Particpants of the Stakeholders' Forum

Participants of the Switch Africa Green Stakeholders’ Forum held in Parkside View Safari Lodge in Pakwach.

Find the detailed report here Switch Africa Group Stakeholder Engagement Forum Report