Spotlight:  An interview with BSpace beneficiary –Green Heat LTD

BSpace a partner of the SEED Initiative (SEED) was contracted to  provide accelerator support to Green Heat a Social and   Environmental Enterprise in Uganda. SEED which is founded by UNEP, UNDP and IUCN is hosted by Adelphi Research gemeinnützige GmbH, (Adelphi) and runs an annual global awards scheme; the SEED Awards. At the SEED awards, the most promising start-up social and environmental enterprises are selected by an independent expert International jury, Green Heat was one of  the winners of this award.

Green Heat is an enterprise that installs and markets biogas digesters that convert decaying organic material from latrines and agricultural waste into biogas fuel for cooking and heating. BSpace provided Accelerator Support to Green Heat which support focused on financial planning, financial monitoring strengthening and access to additional forms of financing e.g. loans, equity, access to impact investments.

We recently caught up with Green Heat’s Managing Director , Mr. Vianney Tumwesigye and this is what he had to say:

Q:How is Green Heat working as an Inclusive Business?

A: Green Heat offers innovative and cost effective one-stop-waste management solutions at the source of generation.  Green Heat provides a commercially viable alternative fuel, biogas and briquette, while delivering onsite waste management services to the poor. Green Heat leverage waste as a resource, transforming a development hurdle to an investment opportunity.

Q: Tell us about relationship between Green Heat and BSpace?

A:  Our relationship with BSpace has equipped us better  to seize opportunities for green business

Green Heat’s MD Vianney taking down notes during at Financial management training organized by BSpace

Green Heat’s MD Vianney taking down notes during at Financial management training organized by BSpace

development and better informed consumers a result of an awareness creation and sensitization campaign.

Q:How has working with BSpace impacted on Green Heat as a whole?

A: Ever since we started working with BSpace, we have improved our management skills, we have signed up for more jobs and most important, we have new financial tools which are improving our work and our clients.

Q:What are your future plans for Green Heat and the bio gas industry in Uganda as a whole?

A: Green Heat offers innovative and cost effective one stop waste management solutions. Our value revolves around waste management at the source of generation. Green Heat has supported small-scale biogas development in Uganda for the past three years, and is now seeking to scale its operations to include commercial biogas production. Green Heat produces a commercially viable renewable energy product that has numerous social and environmental benefits.

Q:What is your advice to social enterprises working in the bio gas industry in Uganda?

A: :Biogas technology is robust in the face of climate change; we cannot give up on this important technology. Everyone needs a biogas digester.

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