Visiting the farmers in the villages

The team visited the farmers in the villages and in their gardens.

On 27th-30th of October 2015, the B-Space team led by the MD Peter Masaaba and accompanied by the Projects and Communications Associate, visited the Albertine region of Nwoya and Pakwach Uganda in the Framework of the Project ‘’Switch Africa Green: ‘’Supporting Uganda to achieve sustainable tourism development in the transition towards an inclusive and green industry based on sustainable consumption and production patterns’’.

Bspace MD Peter Masaaba with the Pakuba Safari Lodge Manager

B-Space’s MD Peter Masaaba in a discussion with the Manager of Pakuba Safari Lodge.

The project aims to forge linkages through green inclusive strategies between the three sub-sectors tourism, farming and environment management for the economic and social development of the Albertine region.SWITCH Africa Green( link to website) is developed and funded by the European Commission and implemented by UNEP. Project partners include UN agencies, notably UNDP and UNOPS, the African Union Commission, the African Roundtable on SCP (ARSCP) and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The main objectives of the visit were to introduce the Switch Africa Green Programme, to introduce the objectives, activities & expected results of the project, to meet stakeholders and discuss their roles and agree on key milestones and resourcing of activities.
On 28th, 29th and the 30th of September, the BSpace team accompanied by the Petroleum Institute of Proactive Action (PIPA) Team visited designated lodges both inside the game park and the game reserve namely:
• Fort Murchison Safari Lodge a subsidiary of Nature Lodges
• Heritage Safari Lodge
• Kabalega Safari Lodge
• Parkside Safari Lodge
• Pakuba Safari Lodge
• Nile Safari Lodge a subsidiary of the Geolodges


A well tended sesame garden in Packwach district

A well tended sesame garden in Packwach district

The team also visited individual farmers, farmer groups and heads of farmers’ groups due to the need for immediate engagement of the local farmers in smart agronomic practices based on the identified farming systems and the products demanded by lodges as identified by a prior survey carried out by the KIWO team on B-Space’s behalf.
Based on the information provided to the team during the inception mission, a consultant from PSF will visit the Albertan region to conduct a follow-up baseline survey. The baseline survey will inform the solutions that will be developed and implemented during the two years of the Switch Africa Green. These findings will also be drawn-up and shared with the national partners for further discussion and follow-up.
At the end of the two-year project improvements expected to be realized for the benefit of the local community are:

It is expected that the lessons learned from the implementation of this pilot project will provide valuable information on Inclusive Business and SCP models and Eco-solutions.To view photos from the inception visit, scroll through the photo gallery below:
Switch Africa Green: Inception Visit by the BSpace Team